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Third world warriors are the people you see taking action to improve life on Earth.

From Nobel peace price winners like Mandela, Ghandi or Bob Dylan to those who protest peacefully against war or environmental crimes as much as those standing peacefully against the injustices of others like Amnesty International or artists like Roger Waters, Bob Geldorf or you.

So environmentalists and environmentally conscious businesses lead the way in the war on global warming.

If you feel life is not good to you, try and learn about the Third World Warriors... They are standing up for all our human rights and most have nothing more than shirts on their backs.

Yes that's all of us.

Or for ever bite your tongue.
In all our interest perhaps we should share documentaries written with facts in search of the wrongs from the truths...

Videos to watch are many and not limited to these...
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Don't be apathetic and take your first step forward, send us an informative video link that will help teach the future generations as are our children.
Education truly is the best way forward...