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THE DREAMTIME is an Australian Aboriginal philosophy that embodies the cultural lifestyle of their civilization. In brief the Australian Aboriginal people believe that "There was never a beginning and there is not going to be an end to our lives in the universe. We are all simply living in the ever present dreamtime..."

In recognition of the Australian Aboriginal values that inspired us to live with nature and taking only what we need so we may give back to the environment what we can recycle while living our dream we called our recycled flag ship "The Dreamtime".



Note: If you are looking to find your own boat to restore, remember that fiberglass boats are like floating plastic bottles that are near impossible to sink and need less maintenance than steel, wood or aluminium hulls. Fiberglas has the longest life expectancy at over 100 years.

Steel has approx. 50 years life.

Wood has 30 years

Ferro cement boats have the least life.