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Our policy is to live responsibly.

To restore what we can

and salvage what can be salvaged

or recycle what can not be restored or salvaged.


Thus giving a second life to anything we can restore.

It is our policy to use recycled materials where we can when we can

and used restored materials as much as possible.

When we do rely on new products to restore the old, we will endeavor to use natural materials such as natural paints, fabrics and any other natural products.

Thus our policy is to remain consciously respecting the natural environment AND the ecological systems that we share.

In particular, with our friends in the animal Kingdom.

Most importantly is our policy to be conscientious that we live as minimalists  so we consume less and restore more.

Think about this as we sailed across the Gulf of Mexico...

Everything (100%) of what you see in the photo below was recycled and we continue to look for more things, more projects and more properties to restore...

Don't stay negative with pessimism take action and get involved. We are willing to help you start your own Ecorestoring life style it's free to strong!

see the van below?

It was bought for $500 as scrap.

We restored it and it made us almost $20,000 in revenue

We employed the mechanics giving them over $5000

And when we sold it we got our money back