Pensacola Ship Yard had abandoned non repairable boats occupying valuable space and creating a hazardous and aesthetic problem. By collaborating our expertise and efforts, we created temporary work for local unemployed Vets. Each was paid by sharing the revenue from recycled materials, engines and hardware.

Keith Bellflower and Julie Anderson were fundamental guardians of the environment by policing the strict environmental policies of the ship yard. 

With the help of the Ship yard crew and use of their equipment we salvaged one boat and restored "The Dreamtime". We also made two concrete marine reefs with the Environmental Protection Authority approval and recycled almost 40% of the hardware, timbers and metals.

Our experience here was priceless and allowed us to move on to other projects with a better understanding of the many toxic liquids and poisonous materials or the many values in recycling scrap and waste. 

These two old concrete hull boats were gutted and cleaned to be sunk and made into artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. You may note the pulpit from the green boat and the crows nest off the mast are now on "The Dreamtime".

"Myassis Dragon" was an abandoned fishing trawler that would cost thousands of dollars to remove. We managed to re-start and revive her large Marine Caterpillar diesel engines and salvagedmany fixtures and hardware while working with strict clean environmental practices. At the same time we saved the ship yard thousands of dollars it would have cost them to remove.