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Mariners life is just one way we found to live with the environment and minimize our carbon foot print.

You don't need to be wealthy to live on a sail boat.

The wind is free, fish are free, anchorage is free and under international maritime laws, the oceans belong to everyone of us.

With rising sea levels, if there is a pandemic, a world war or natural catastrophes under all circumstances you are safer out at sea than on land.

But above all, the mariners life is healthy, peaceful, adventurous and eco-friendly for anyone who takes to the sea.

With more than 70% of the world surface covered by water, we truly have the greatest back yard to play and work in. So we encourage and offer free advice to those wanting to make the mariners life sea change.


Below are some samples and information to get you started...


 Young visionaries are taking to the seas and enjoying the benefits of a marines life.

Life at sea is truly the last frontier of individual freedom and we, the people and our governments must ensure it stays like that.


 Jessica Watson was 16 years old when she set about to show us the safety of living in a modern sail boat. She sailed alone for 9 months along the most dangerous seas on Earth. Her carbon footprint during that time was minimal. 

She did not need to pay for car expenses, parking tickets, fuel, unnecessary insurance, tax's, or any of the many imposed expectations that we should be buying to keep up with corporate trends. She did not need to go shopping for products we don't really need. She lived with nature and demonstrated that anyone can live on a boat if you are willing to sacrifice the material possessions our advertisers tell you that you need.

28 feet is as comfortable as you need to be.  

Lets talk about expenses, you may hear it from some one else in their own words. And remember, there is a growing maritime industry that needs more people to work in the marine industries. So try and get experience or a qualification in the maritime industry if you can. It will only help you maintain the most privileged life style on Earth. That of a Captain on board your own boat  charting your own destiny...


It is important to note, you will never be alone at sea. There are always other sailors willing to help you and share their knowledge with you. these are only sample videos however, the reality is even better when you awake on your boat and decide, "where should I go to now?" The world truly is a big pond and your boat is your tortoise shell... Enjoy it.

So where do you start?

Why not see how much information there is to guide you. Look at simple instructional videos and read nautical books then visit your marina and talk to fellow sailors. It wont take long to realize the truth of the matter that marine  life really is the best alternative life style that allows us to blend and co-exist with our environment leaving the least carbon footprint while giving us the most diverse and healthy alternative to living our lives...

You don't need to spend a million dollars on a boat. There are many old fiberglass boats that will be around well after we die. Fiberglass boats are flexible, safe, comfortable and durable. Be sure to avoid the fin high performance racing boats and look for the full length shallow draft keels. They are designed for cruising safety and will allow you the peace of mind during any storm at sea.  

Where do you want to go with your life? With rising  sea levels there will always be work on your boat, along foreign harbors, in ports, marinas, beaches and other larger boats. If you can, get qualified into the marine industry while living on your boat... Enjoy the blessings and share your talents... Or follow our flotilla as we search for new projects and teach others how to sail on our boats.

Perhaps you can hear it from another woman at then end of the video when she says" no it is not dangerous to sail at sea".

And there is always the way of "teaching others how to sail" as a way of making extra cash to pay expenses.

We are going to be listing here any International marina that will allow you to live on board your boat for extended periods of time. Please send us links or information if you can help us with this list.