Joadja Ghost Town

This is perhaps the best example of eco-tourism we have worked on.

It is also the best preserved Australian historic ghost town that you can visit and walk around the ruins at your own leisure.

But above all, what is the most important aspect of Joadja is the natural water Spring which is the very origin of Sydney's drinking water.

The restorations of the buildings have been funded by the Federal and State government.

To fully appreciate the Eco-tourism one needs to visit and spend a good long day walking among the ruins and listening to the whispering winds of tales told by the ghosts that remained captivated in the truly Australian Dreamtime valley.

Historians may appreciate this pocket of national heritage nestled away in the Southern Highlands. Only 25kms west of Mittagong is a national treasure that is now open to the public.

Joadja town was founded on a shale seam and mined by the Scottish workers who brought with them the  latest shale oil processing retorts of the time and built the town that now remains in ruins.

The mine closed early in the 20th century, and the town was abandoned.

The buildings were left to the elements, and nature has slowly regained its hold on much of the valley. The ruins, however, tell the story of those that lived, worked and perished here.

The mining technology that made the valley so prosperous in its time stands as the last of its kind in the world. Joadja truly is a gem of world heritage significance and an intriguing part of Australia's industrial history.

With fully guided and self-guided tours on offer, Joadja is a great day out for the whole family, so take your selves or the family to step back in timeand experience it for yourself!