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First thing we learn at University is: 

"We are only as good as our health!"

 This video is merely an introduction to the practice of yoga. Remember, each one of us is completely different physically so be mindful of your own personal health needs rather than neglect the most important asset you have... your health!

 Health is the most natural medicine there is to prevent illness and any doctor will tell you, "Prevention is better than the cure".

So if you are looking to change the world, you must first change your self and start with caring for your health.

Yoga is perhaps the most effective form of exercise we have experienced other than a good long walk at a steady pace. Both these types of exercise rely completely on your own body, mind and attitude toward your own health. This video is simply a sample and each of you will find your own personal needs from the practice of YOGA. Or always remember, "angels whisper to a person that walks"

 We already know how important our life style is to our health and our families. By eating more vegetables, fruits and cereals our bodies become better tuned with our natural environment. Make the organic changes, eat less meat or fish and buy free range products where you can. But above all, make your job a daily physical workout by changing the attitude and convert a mundane labor into an exercise routine...   

 Why pay to walk a trod mill inside an energy consuming air-conditioned gymnasium when you can walk amongst nature and take on the natural elements?

A simple walk around your neighbor hood, a stroll to and from work are gentle workouts.

Tough Mudder, True Grit Spartans and other souch groups are the extreme opposite of Yoga for anyone wanting the extreme high energy and intense workouts.