Winston, the general manager of Garth's Antiques in Pensacola, Florida, USA had these boats taking up valuable space, creating a health and dangerous risk of liability had they fallen on anyone and a visual eye sore. It would have cost him thousands of dollars to remove these unseaworthy boats with no life left for them as the structural damage was beyond repairs. We managed to remove them and clean the site while giving the Auction house a nominal sum of money for having recycled what we could.

 You can see we had removed two boats and we tried to salvage this little boat but tragically ran short of funds. We held out for three months and advertised it but our efforts were wasted and finally the decision was made to recycle its hardware and small one cylinder Atomic marine diesel engine,

 This fin keel boat shows the fragile vulnerability of fin keels as cruising boats. Be sure to look for full length or 3/4 keels. Remember when cruising, we are in no hurry to go places. We are already living the dream of an adventurous and diverse life style.

So don't be put of by a fin keel either.

Sadly all we left behind was a memory.