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Eco tourism is the future of city dwellers vacations.

You avoid crowds and the expensive commercial tourist traps and opt for the eco-tourist destinations like walking on national parks, climbing mountains, diving reefs or just watch nature in its magnificence.

We encourage all to step back in time and opt for historical sights rather than commercial energy dependent and expensive tourist traps and theme parks that gauge your wallets.

Nature is FREE and Eco-tourism is creating jobs while caring for the natural habitats and animals that want to be visited in their natural habitat not caged in Zoos or aquatic parks.

There is magic waiting for all of us who venture into the unknown destiny of the ecorestored mind. Dolphin and wale watching are rapidly growing industries and in need of our support. Why spend hundreds of dollars in bars drinking the poisons of alcohol when we can be burning toxins and getting healthy while swimming with our natural mammals.

take time to sit through this educational lecture on the future of eco-tourism...

You never know what idea you may have to get involved and participate in the growing industry of eco-tourism.

Go on... it's your turn... you deserve it... get out there and see the world, share your wealth with tourist industries willing to show you their animals, their culture and their worlds... Enjoy the adventures with our ecology.