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Welcome aboard Ecorestoring.

This is one example of an ecological humanitarian web page designed to teach while conducting the business of restorations.

The principle philosophy is that everything that can be restored should e restored rather than built with new materials.

So in brief, the idea is to restore anything from small furniture, clothing or handy items to larger properties like farms and plantations, buildings, tourism, boats, trucks or our lives.

Ecorestoring is thus an invented word used to describe the personal commitment to change how we live and conduct our business and lives with our environment in mind.

We may be small fish swimming among sharks and dolphins but the thing is, we swim among them weaving and dodging their preying eyes and destructive ideologies.

Thank goodness for the Karma philosophy of Asians.

While there is much to learn from the Australian native peoples Dreamtime and the Torres Straits islanders.

Or the Santa Rosa Red American Indian tribes that to this date find the therapeutic medicinal properties when smoking a peace pipe rather than scalp their enemies.

Perhaps listen to a Rabi, a Sheik or a father talk.

We all have one thing in common.

Making our Earth a better place to live.

Uniting us is our environment.

Take a step forward go on a world tour pilgrimage and look at what you see or can restore.

By restoring things we extend their life spans and delay our common enemy known to most as Global Warming and others as a Farce.

Which journey do we take?

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