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Welcome aboard,

This site is just our way of sharing ways that we can restore our lives by considering the jobs that we do and our impact on the natural environment.

This is not intended to show a fanatical approach where we take vows to never eat meat or fish again but rather a soft and balanced life style where we reduce our meat and fish consumption and look for anything that need restoring rather than wasting.

For the skeptics who fail to understand the basic economic principle that is applied to an ever increasing  global population demanding more of the ever decreasing supply of land, clean oxygen, polar caps and natural resources... We urge you to continue learning from the scientific studies and understand the many ways our lives will be impacted on by global warming.

Ecorestoring is about your ecology. Your life style choices and your health. If you are happy as you are, then stay there. If not, try a change and let us know. 

For instance, consider life on a sail boat as an alternative to living inside four walls and living your life through a television screen.

We are not experts and we welcome any new idea that may improve our world and our lives.

Sharing our knowledge is ecorestoring...

This site was created by the Ecorestoring crew and input provided by you so we invite you to share this page and join the ever increasing wave of globally conscious people.

We are all responsible!

Before it is too late...